Remembrance - Windows to the Past  

Another book of arrangements by Helen Johnson is now available. A demo CD is included. This book should appeal to most dulcimer players (and those who play with them) because it includes arrangements ranging from easy to more difficult. Also, several styles of playing are included, such as pick-and-strum and strum, depending on the type of song. Several duets are included. The book includes arrangements of songs from years long past; hence the title: Remembrance--Windows to the Past.

Historical notes on most of the songs are included towards the end of the book. All are in D-A-D tuning and include chords, lyrics (where available) and a picking/-strumming pattern in the tablature. Three songs require a capo. The CD is NOT studio quality but is intended to demonstrate how songs sound which may be unfamiliar to the player.

Songs include:

Each song, except "Gentle Maiden," is
played through twice on the CD. When a
duet is played on the CD, the tune is
played first and then the harmony.
I hope you will enjoy discovering and playing
these arrangements as much as I did.

All Through the Night John Riley
Arran Boat Song Limerick Waltz
Aura Lee (duet) Lord Lovel
Banks of the Ohio Lorena (Duet) (capo)
Barbara Allen Mairi's Wedding
The Blackest Crow My Love
Bury Me Beneath the Willow The Nightingale
Campbell's Farewell the Newcastle Rose of Sharon Waltz
Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky (duet) Shamus O'Brien
The Flower of Porten Cross Silver Dagger
The Flowers of Edinburgh (capo) The Spanish Lady
The Foggy Dew The Unquiet Grace
Gentle Annie (duet) The Water is Wide
Gentle Maiden Where the White Lilies Grow
The Humours of Whiskey The Willow Garden

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