About Helen Johnson

Helen Johnson has been singing and playing the piano all her life. Then on a trip through the Appalachian Mountains she heard a psaltery, and it was love at first sound; she purchased her first psaltery that same day.

Later she began to play the mountain dulcimer to be able to accompany other instruments and is also learning to play recorders and tin whistle.

She branched out into arranging to accommodate the needs of the small group with which she plays--"Yellow Rose." These books are the result. There is also a CD by Yellow Rose. Check it out by clicking on the "Yellow Rose CD" link at the side of this screen.

She teaches/coaches others who wish to learn to play the dulcimer and psaltery and is also available for workshops on both instruments.

You may also get in touch with her at: P. O. Box 3395, Lake Jackson, TX 77566, telephone: 979-297-7015, e-mail: Helen@HelenJohnson.biz


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